We've been supporting youth in New Brighton since 1989! In school, out of school, weekdays, weekends, holidays... you name it, we've got something on. To find out more, read our website, newspaper reports, watch our YouTube videos, checkout our Instagram or just pop into our offices for a chat.

Our Mission

Our Mission

We are a Youth and whanau support agency based at Grace Vineyard Beach Campus in New Brighton. We have worked for over 30 years on the East of Christchurch, running a wide variety of programmes, clubs, groups, events and various supports for hundreds of people each week.  A small staff team, is supported by an army of volunteers who want to make their community a better place!

Mission: Building Bright Futures with Young People in East Christchurch.

We currently do this through 10 key areas:

  1. Weekly Clubs
    Our weekly after school and evening clubs including: Tamatāne Boys Club  (Years 1 – 6), Kōtirotiro Girls Club (Years 1 – 6), Kitchen Klub (Years 6-9), Craft Club (Years 6 – 9), Rock Solid (Years 7 – 8), Surge (Years 9 – 13), Basketball (Years 3 – 6).
  2. School Programmes
    Supporting the students in class, on lunchtimes, and through extra curricula activities at Rawhiti Primary School & Shirley Boys High School.
  3. Holiday Programmes
    These run for three different age categories, Years 1 – 3, 4 – 6 & 5 – 9 in the first week every school holidays. We also run Breakaway programmes for Years 7 – 13 in the December & July holidays. (To Holiday Programmes)
  4. Camps
    We take youth on overnight and weekends away throughout the year, such as Easter Camp, Winter Camp, Surge Summer Camp, Famine Sleepover, AMPED Camp, Father Son Camps: Intermediates/Teens and Mother Daughter Days.
  5. One on One.
    Mentoring & Counselling: We provide a counsellor in 3 of our local schools each week for more specialist support for children and employ a mentoring coordinator who matches mentees and mentors for relational support, goal setting and a lot of encouragement.
  6. Mana Ake
    Wellbeing and mental health support workers in local primary schools, for children and whanau. (To Mana Ake)
  7. Community Events
    Large community events such as I Love Brighton, Eastside Youth Balls, School Fairs, EPIC Dance Parties & our Family Fun Night.
  8. Parenting & Pre-school
    Programmes and partnerships such as our two Beach Tots Playgroups, Breast-feeding Drop In, Parenting Seminars, Babysitting Training for teens, Parenting Toolbox Courses and Young Parents Antenatal Classes.
  9. Amplify Music School
    Musical instrument Lessons, Youth Bands and music recording in our purpose build music rooms and in schools. (To Amplify School of Music)
  10. Volunteer Training and Support
    We recruit, train and encourage volunteers to work in their community, on events, programmes and training events. We also host interns.

The 5 Ways of Wellbeing

Youth Alive Trust believes in the ‘5 Ways of Wellbeing’ and they fit into all our programmes!  Here are some examples how we’re making a difference in the wellbeing of young people:

1. Connect, me whakawhanaunga. Connecting young people with adult role models/youth workers/mentors. Creating a place of belonging. Connecting to people different to you, and creating new friendships. Connecting to a larger organisation with other support networks and connections to specialist agencies.

2. Give, tukua. Volunteers and mentors giving of their time. Giving back to their communities through the youth programmes, community events and community service projects.

3. Take notice, me aro tonu. Self reflecting in mentoring sessions. Goal setting and celebrations once they’ve been achieved. Inspirational and spiritual talks that stimulate thoughts of who they are in their community and the wider world.  Teaching and modelling of values.

4. Keep learning, me ako tonu. Music lessons. Sports training. Skills training such as crafts, cooking, activities, camps and new experiences. Training nights for volunteers.

5. Be active, me kori tonu. Getting away from screens and doing something active such as a run-around game, a sport, ice skating, table tennis, airsoft, basketball, disc golf, even just going for a walk.


Our Vision for the east of Christchurch is to provide 1) “Safe” places that children, young people and families are 2) “Supported Holistically” (socially, emotionally, mentally and spiritually) in a friendly and 3) “Fun” environment.  Programmes are led by enthusiastic and compassionate staff and volunteers who take every opportunity to build self esteem and try new activities through oodles of 4) “Encouragement”.  We provide an exciting and vibrant community, whose values are built on the Christian 5) “Faith”, that discriminates nobody and offers extra grace when often needed.  This 6) “Inclusive” attitude attracts people from a wide variety of circumstances, particularly those from low socio economic backgrounds, and those considered ‘At-Risk’ to themselves or others.  We recognise that we cannot do it alone, so we refer, 7) “Network” and collaborate with many agencies to provide the best possible support for the people we walk alongside.  We provide opportunities and training that encourages young people to serve others in various 8) “Leadership” capacities, that inspires a future of hope and makes both their and our world a better and brighter place!

Our History

Our History


In 1988, the leaders of New Brighton Baptist Church saw the need to serve the most vulnerable and needy members of their community.  They established “Youth Alive Trust” as a vehicle to serve the young people of the community through programmes, events and their staff and volunteers.  The original trust deed dated 27th September 1989 says that the purpose of the trust is to provide a “practical Christian service….in such a manner as to carry with it a good Christian testimony so that those served in any way will experience the worth and concern of Christian love” (quoted from the original trust deed).

Signed by Pastor Grant Brewster and the two other trustees, they employed Andrew Hill as their first community youth worker, who set-up and established the first Holiday Programmes and after school clubs.  Through different team leaders, interns and staff, the trust grew and diversified into many different areas.  Historic programmes included the Friday Night “Sandpit Drop-In”, Genesis Girls Group, Sublime, B.A.S.E, Trinity Club, Champions Boys Club, 3:15 Club and the massive South, North & Central Holiday Programmes.  We’ve had hundreds of volunteers, staff and interns over our 25 years, including Trust Managers Ross Banbury (1995 – 2001), Doug McConnell (2001 – 2005) & James Ridpath (2005 to present).  Contact us if you’re part of our Alumni and want to be kept upto date with what’s going on.

In the aftermath of the February 2011 Christchurch Earthquakes, the profile and work of Youth Alive Trust grew even further.  They were involved in many post earthquakes programmes, activities and events, which eventually saw them honoured with an Earthquake Award from the Christchurch City Council.  It also kick-started plans for the renovation of the building they have been based at since 1991, into a more purpose built Youth & Community Centre.  The building work has led to even more programmes, and partnerships with other community organisations to offer wider support for the family.  Read about some of the long term impacts of our work through the Amber-Rose Story.




To provide a place where young people are safe and feel safe - on our programmes, in our building and with our leaders. Safe from bullying, safe from abuse, safe from gangs, safe from negative peer pressure, and safe to be themselves.

Holistic Support

Recognising and supporting all the key areas of growth needed in an individual - socially, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.


To provide programmes and activities that bring enjoyment, smiles and laughs to everyone involved - young people and volunteers. Laughter is a great medicine and we want to provide programmes that are appealing and create long lasting positive memories.


We provide oodles of positive affirmations, Hi-5's and big smiles that build self esteem and encouragement a 'have a go' attitude. 'Put-downs' and 'shaming' are not acceptable.


We do not discriminate against anyone from being a part of our programmes, whatever race, culture, religion, gender, or behavioural issue. Everyone starts with a clean slate and much grace is offered for those who slip.


Our values, code of conduct and morals are based on the Christian faith. These are modelled to young people and shared when appropriate. Matt 22 v 37-40 - Love God, Love your Neighbour.


Encouraging young people to be positive influences in their home, school and community. We aim to build up new young leaders and feed them back into the programmes that they were once a part of or other community, school or government programmes.


We aim to integrate ourselves into community life, networking with other community groups, schools, the police and council. We believe we are stronger working together than alone.

Our Team (2021)

Our Team (2021)

Our current employed staff are:

James Ridpath Trust Manager (Since 2004)
David Du Preez Programmes & HR Manager (Since 2018)
Paddy Caffell Youthworker (Since 2018)
Melissa Moore Youthworker (Since 2018)
Hannah Donald OSCAR Coordinator (2021)
Jayden Wall Youthworker (Since 2020)
Esther Pickering Volunteer Coordinator (Since 2018)
Anna Spark Youthworker (Since 2019)
Finn Palmer Trainee Youthworker (Since 2020)
Joel Brittenden Mana Ake Team Leader (Since 2018)
Amy Lloyd Mana Ake (Since 2019)
Kim Button Mana Ake (Since 2020)
Rachel Dawson Mana Ake (Since 2021)
Sam Sterritt Financial Administrator (Since 2019)
Valeria (Lia) Millicent Legutua Mana Ake Intern (Since 2021)
Finn Chirnside Amplify & Mentoring Coordinator (Since 2020)
Teish Nicholson Beach Campus Partnership Coordinator (previously Administrator) (Since 2011)
Hannah Ashwell Praxis Intern (Since 2021)
Krystal Rose Cooper Youthwork Placement (Since 2021)
Henry Beeby-Zeier Trainee Youthworker (Since 2021)

Our 2021 Teams are (* denotes Coordinator Positions):

Years 1-3 Kea Holiday Programme

Years 4 -6 Pukeko Holiday Programme

Years 7-9 Piwakawaka Holiday Programme

Intermediate Breakaway Holiday Activities

Teens Breakaway Holiday Activities

Primary Schools Youthworkers

Jayden Wall, Melissa Moore

Kōtirotiro Girls Clubs

Melissa Moore*, Anna Spark, Hannah Ashwell, Abbie Short, Kezia Berkhan, Alicia Branson, Bailey Cowie, Maliyah Iosefo, Erin Field, Ruby Froggatt, Kiara Brady, Jasmine McMath, Isabella Harniess, Zoe Fairweather

Tamatāne Boys Club

Jayden Wall*, Paddy Caffell, Finn Palmer, Henry Beeby-Zeier, Connor Pittam, Bradley Moore, Nathan Jaeger, Joel Robinson, Alex Bradley, Samuel Kinley

Rock Solid

Melissa Moore*, Jayden Wall, James Ridpath, Hannah Donald, Henry Beeby-Zeier, Jess Reynolds, Hayley Reynolds, Nathan Jaeger, Logan Church, Philip Tuck, Krystal Rose Cooper, Jay Turton


Paddy Caffell*, Esther Pickering, Anna Spark, Finn Palmer, Hannah Ashwell, Emma Crichton, Henry Beeby-Zeier, Andrei Talili, Catherine Peel, Philip Tuck, Ethan Coster, Isabella Major, Mel De Lange, Rikus De Lange, Ruby Simpson, Nicole Wang, Myah Robinson

Kitchen Klub

Hannah Donald*, Finn Palmer, Irene Astwood, Hayley Reynolds, Iscyss Ruiter, Ruby Froggatt, Samuel Kinley, Henry Beeby-Zeier

Basketball Club

Anna Spark*, Valeria (Lia) Millicent Legutua, Jaxon

Craft Club

Hannah Donald*, Melissa Moore, Aneisha Polglase, Lily O'Neil, Jasmine McMath

O.S.C.A.R. programme

Hannah Donald*, Finn Palmer, Valeria (Lia) Millicent Legutua, Henry Beeby-Zeier

Mana Ake

Joel Brittenden, Amy Lloyd, Kim Button, Rachael Dawson, Valeria (Lia) Millicent Legutua (Intern)


Sandy Hitchens


Andrew Hill, Deborah Swaney, Scott Pickering, Tony Walter, Clark Alcock



Misc Reports

Misc Reports

Keep updated with all our latest Reports from the different areas of Youth Alive Trust

Annual Reports

Annual Reports



As a community organisation we value the support of a number of other agencies, partners and networks. These are our friends:

  • Canterbury Youth Workers Collective
    Canterbury Youth Workers Collective

    Youth Alive Trust is a member of the Canterbury Youth Workers Collective. We abide by their Code of Ethics, all our staff are individual members and we attend appropriate training throughout the year.
    Learn more

  • Mana Ake
    Mana Ake

    Mana Ake provides support to children in Canterbury, in years 1-8 at school, promoting wellbeing and positive mental health.
    We can support children at school and at home and provide advice, guidance and workshops for parents, whānau and teachers.
    Learn more

  • Praxis

    We often send trainee interns to complete the Praxis course, and team with them on the progression of the staff member.
    Learn more

  • 24-7 Youth Work
    24-7 Youth Work

    24-7 YouthWork is a network of schools youthworkers, based in schools all around the country. We use the 24-7 framework in our partnership with Shirley Boys High School & Avonside Girls High School, and are part of their training and support.
    Learn more

  • Christchurch City Council
    Christchurch City Council

    We join with and support local Christchurch City Events by sending our staff and volunteers to events such as I Love Brighton. We sit within the Burwood Pegasus Board Area and attend their locally organised community network meetings and give youth advice and support when asked.
    Learn more

  • UpstreamNZ

    We are an Approved UpstreamNZ Good Cause you can choose to impact when you purchase something or use a service through an Approved UpstreamNZ Supplier.
    Learn more

  • I Love Brighton
    I Love Brighton

    An annual event organised by a few key community groups, including Youth Alive Trust, Christchurch City Council, Rawhiti Community Sports Inc and New Brighton Project
    Learn more

  • Renew Brighton
    Renew Brighton

    We are a part of a collaborative of local community groups that meet regularly to network, share resource and strategising to see Greater Brighton celebrated as a thriving, vibrant, self reliant village. Other agencies include New Brighton Community Gardens, Positive Directions Trust, New Brighton Project, Te Waka Aroha - St Faith's New Brighton.
    Learn more

  • Canterbury Youth Services
    Canterbury Youth Services

    We are a part of the Canterbury Youth Services network and attend training, camps and meetings with other members.
    Learn more

  • Charities Commission
    Charities Commission

    We are registered with the Charities Commission of New Zealand, as advised by the IRD, grant making bodies and the government.
    Learn more

  • EPIC Events
    EPIC Events

    We run joint EPIC Events with a number of other local youth agencies, with the support of Blue Light Canterbury, including Dance Parties and Sk8 Disco's.
    Learn more