Amplify School of Music

Ever wanted to learn an instrument? Amplify offers instrument lessons for youth aged 5-17. It gives young people the opportunity to experience and engage in musical arts at affordable rates.

For: Years 1 - 13

Each: Monday - Friday

From: By arrangement

Latest Updates

1 Feb 2017

Check out the Amplify Website for all information about music lessons, for making inquiries and about the new price structure, including cheaper 20 minute lessons.

1 May 2016

Amplify School of Music has grown so much that it needs it’s own online database and website.  For all the info including online enrollments, click on this link…

6 Feb 2015

Amplify has a variety of instruments available for young people to learn such as Drums, Bass, Vocals, Guitar & Piano. All ages and at a variety of time. Ask us about getting lessons today!

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