Youth Alive Trust is a non-profit organisation that relies on our supporters and the community to survive. Without either, we would not be able to continue our work with the young people of the eastern suburbs of Christchurch. We would greatly appreciate and be thankful for your support.

Friends of Youth Alive Trust

Friends of Youth Alive Trust

A charity like ours needs good infrastructure, resources and staff to be effective, and that comes at a cost. If you want to support the continuing work of Youth Alive Trust, and the impact it is having on young people and families in our community, we’re asking you to consider becoming a regular donor. With your support we’re able to plan for the future and be less reliant on the lottery of Funders.

Friends of Youth Alive Trust is encouraging donors to give a regular amount, ideally via an automatic payment, such as $5 a week, the cost of one cup of coffee. Many people will be able to give more, and we’re hoping that this scheme will raise enough funds to support more programmes, more youthworkers and help bring more positive change to young lives!

Find out more and how to get involved by viewing this Friends of YAT PDF Brochure or picking one up from our office.



Download Bequest Letter

A bequest is a gift given after life to assist a charity. It enables you to help in a way that perhaps you were not able to do during your lifetime. It is a gift that lives on, helping others, long after we have gone.

You can give a specific bequest which is a gift of a certain sum, a specific asset, or all, or part, of an insurance policy. Also you can give a general bequest. That is a specified percentage or share of your Estate. As little as 1% of your residual estate can make a huge difference to a charity.

Leaving a bequest to Youth Alive Trust means that you are giving a precious gift to the children & young people from the eastern suburbs of Christchurch, helping to ensure a better future for the many children we serve long into the future.

Speak to your lawyer about how to include Youth Alive Trust in your will.  Our details can also be found in the NZ Charity & Legal Gazette, which your lawyer will have.

If creating your own will, the following standard wording may be useful:

I give and bequeath to Youth Alive Trust (specify gift)……..……………..………..… free of all charges and to be used where most needed. The official receipt from Youth Alive Trust will be sufficient acknowledgment of having received this gift.

Dear Billionaire

Dear Billionaire

We realise that different people have been blessed with different talents.  Some are Einstein smart, some are Brad Thorn tough, some are Houdini skillful, and some are Mother Teresa kind.  Our volunteers and staff are all of the above and more, but we’re missing Bill Gates rich!

We can run programmes on a shoe string budget and we often do. Playing sport is free, art can be run at minimal cost and there are lots of free places to visit. We charge minimal or no cost for all of our programmes. We rely predominately on the support of grants, donations and contracts to keep us going.  Volunteers can very effectively run our programmes but it’s difficult be sustainable and grow without proper planning, preparation, resources, equipment and management, all of which incur costs.

All of our grants and contracts are allocated to something specific, e.g. $20,000 towards youth worker wages, $10,000 towards club costs, or $3,000 towards new PCs.  Donations are our only source of discretionary funds and we receive around $40,000 a year in regular donations. These are usually swallowed by other areas of our budget that we struggle to raise funds for such as administration costs, vehicle overheads or trainee wages.

Applying for grants is part of being a community charity and we’re very thankful to those who support us. We provide evidence of the work we’re doing and continually submit funding applications – some of which are successful, some of which aren’t. Sadly, the more time we spend filling out applications, the less time we spend doing youthwork. The more successful our youthwork, the more funds are needed to keep up with the growth yet the overall pot of grants is not getting any bigger, which is why we’re looking for Bill!

Reserves = None

We just about break even every year!  Everything we get in, we spend.  We’re not able to save for a rainy day, as most of the money we receive has to be spent and accounted for. We can’t charge the young people the ‘real’ cost of running our programmes – it would be unaffordable. We’ve managed like this for many years, but we’re not comfortable, and we’d love to have a healthy Balance Sheet.  Maybe Mr/Mrs Billionaire would buy us a commercial building or Auckland Car Park which fed all their profits back us to pay for all our programmes!?

Self Sustaining = Ideas Needed

Charities are always being told we need to be more self sustaining – which is a bit of an oxymoron. They’re usually set up to support those in need – and those in need can’t usually pay. Therefore outside support is needed, whether that be grants, contracts, donations, fundraising, sponsorship or even a Social Enterprise. We’re use all these areas – but are just dipping our toes into the Social Enterprise scene. This is setting up of a business that meets a social need and/or makes a profit that is fed back into the charity. We’re very open to a Social Enterprise – we think it will help our long term sustainability and improve our balance sheet. But we need help – we need ideas, we need business know-how and we need personnel to make it happen. We have already started a few ideas, including a collaborative with other charities, but we need some man power and knowledge to dedicate more time to it. Maybe Mr/Mrs Billionaire would buy us a business which fed all their profits into us?

In search of the Billionaire…

We don’t personally know any billionaires. In fact, we don’t know many rich people at all. However, we know that some of our friends, supporters, community leaders and even young people will know people in the millionaires club. Would you be willing to talk about us to them? Would you send them a link to this site or send them our latest newsletter? People with money want to be generous and help those in need – they often just don’t know where to put their resources where it will make the most difference.



Most of our programmes are only able to operate because of of Volunteer support!  People willing to give of their time and energy to feed into the lives of local young people. We are often in need of more volunteers to help on programmes or events – maybe you could help? There is a commitment and there are some boundaries you must abide by, but most volunteers find that they are more blessed by the clubs than the young people are!  Some of our volunteers used to be part of the programmes themselves, so they know exactly what is expected of a leader.

Our boundaries are biblically based: 1 Tim 3:1-2a “If anyone sets his heart on being an leader he desires a noble task. Now the overseer must be above reproach,”. We want to grow a community that is characterised by love and forgiveness, not by rules and regulations. But the Bible is concerned that leaders have particularly high standards in their personal life, standards that are ‘above reproach’. By agreeing to be a leader we ask you to accept this responsibility and agree to follow standards set out in our Youth Leaders Manual that centre on personal growth and integrity. All leaders must also complete a Police Check and be approved by the Trust Manager.

Volunteers are provided with Training throughout the year and work in teams that provide support to each other. They’re also given lots of encouragement, food at leaders meetings, socials and an end of year celebratory meal! Volunteering can be one of the most worthwhile experiences you can have and will leave you with memories that last a life time. Check out our 2021 Volunteers Flyer for more info or email:

*From January 2022, all volunteers and staff helping on our programmes must have a current vaccine passport




Every year Youth Alive Trust offers 1 or 2 scholarships to trainees who wish to join their team of youth workers and advance their qualifications and experience at the same time. This often involves a youth work course combined with working at Youth Alive Trust to gain the practical hours needed to gain the qualification. Options include; Praxis, Laidlaw, or another provider. You will join an experienced team of youth workers who have a passion for young people, a love for God and a heart to serve!

The Crichton Cobbers Scholarship usually pays for all your tuition fees, and other support depending on your living & study allowance circumstances. If you’re not from New Zealand, we may consider your application if you have good references, and are able to find support for a year, and purchase your own flights. We may be able to help with accommodation. Normally interns are between the ages of 18 – 25.  Please contact us for more information and/or an informal chat.


University of Canterbury Placement Opportunities

If you have ARTS Paper 295 or 395 with hours to complete with a local business/agency, Youth Alive Trust, at Beach Campus may be able to host you. Opportunities may include Marketing or Media or another project that would help both you and us serve the community! Contact us to discuss.



 Our income comes from six key areas:

  • Grants (eg: Rata Foundation)
  • Contracts (eg: MSD Holiday Programmes)
  • Fees (eg: $20 per term)
  • Individual Donors (eg: Friends of Youth Alive Trust)
  • Fundraising (eg: Entertainment Book)
  • Sponsorship from Businesses

(We would like to add a 7th income stream from a Social Enterprise – but need ideas, resources and expertise to make it happen – maybe your business skills could help us??)

Without the generous and consistent support of donors and grant making bodies, the work of Youth Alive Trust would not be possible. We have a budget of around $600,000. Click here to read our latest 2020 Accounts or check us out on the Charities Commission Register.

Funding allows us to run our programmes at below the actual cost. Taking the barriers away from participation allows more young people to get involved and more programmes to be run.

Therefore we would like to say a massive special THANK YOU to all these grant making bodies who have recently financially support our work in a variety of ways,