Shirley Boys High School

Our Youthworkers support Shirley Boys through the nationwide 24-7 Youthwork scheme. Providing lunchtime support, mentoring, events and general school support, their passion is to support local teens both in and out of school life.

For: Years 9 - 13

Pupils: 1200

Rated: Decile 6

Latest Updates

16 Sep 2022

Check out what Paddy Caffell and the 24/7 Youthwork Team did at Shirley Boys’ High in term 1 in the 2022 Term 1 Report.

And, check out what Jayden Wall and the 24/7 Youthwork Team did at Shirley Boys’ High in term 2 in the 2022 Term 2 Report.

20 Jul 2020

To check out what Paddy Caffell has been doing at Shirley Boys’ High School read his SBHS 2020 Term 2 Report HERE

5 May 2014

Josiah and the other guy youthworkers have had a busy term at Shirley Boys. Even though a few of them have only started this year, they have integrated into the life of the school quickly and have great stories about their positive work.  Read their Term 1 Report HERE

20 Feb 2014

Welcome to the new home for updates about our work in Shirley Boys High School.  We welcome Josiah Dayo to the team, who joins 3 other youthworkers from Majestic giving 10 hours of youthwork time to the school each week.  Come back here for updates about what they’ve been upto.