Staffing Changes

We’re excited by new staff joining us in the past few months.  Changes include:

  • YAT won a government contract to place mental health support workers into our local primary schools, called Mana Ake.  We have 4 new staff as part of this team: Joel Brittenden, Emma Christie, Sue Dickson and Stephen Dodge.
  • Stephen has left his old position as Programmes Manager for his new role with Mana Ake, and the new Programmes Manager is David Du Preez – with a South African accent.
  • Teish Nicholson has started a new role, as Partnership Coordinator at Beach Campus working with all the trusts and groups using the building, and Daniele Ferreira is the new Financial Administrator.
  • Esther Pickering, a long time volunteer, has started a new role, as Volunteer and Mentoring Coordinator.  This role was created to provide better pastoral care for the many volunteers, mentors and mentees involved at YAT.  There is no new funding for this role yet – so we are on the look out for a new funding source!!
  • Other staff remain the same; James as Trust Manager, alongside Matt, Olivia, Rodger, Paddy & Melissa as youthworkers doing various roles and Josiah coordinating Amplify School of Music.
  • For a full list of roles, CLICK HERE