Clubs back – in Level 2 (next week)

NO CLUBS this week, while our young people settle back into school and we work on our Level 2 systems. All weekly clubs will start again next week, from Monday.

Things to note:

  • In Level 2 our buildings remains closed to the general public, apart from those registered to attend a specific programme.
  • When dropping off and collecting your child:
    • remain in your vehicle if you have given them permission to sign themselves in and out (School Years 7+ only). You can do this by logging into your Aimyplus account and adding them to the list of people who can sign them in and out.
    • enter the building, using your face mask, then sign-in using the Covid app. Then hand sanitise before using the sign-in/out system. We’re not wanting to encourage parents to gather together, so just come in and out of the building quickly and not early.  Our leaders will still be at the sign-in PC’s for questions with their masks on.
  • Like schools, we don’t require young people to wear masks on our programmes, but they are very welcome to.
  • We’re increasing our sanitation and cleaning, both during, before and after programmes.
  • If you’ve paid for the full term in advance, we will credit your aimyplus account with the club sessions we’ve been forced to miss because of Level 3 & 4. If you’d rather not return this term, and would like a reimbursement, please let our financial administrator, Sam, know by emailing: