Term 4 & Summer Holiday Info

Term 4

Our weekly youth clubs are starting again and there are spaces at all clubs, so you’re welcome to give it a try, or sign up via Aimyplus for the term. Our daily Oscar for seniors also allows Year 4’s to join in Term 4, as a taster of what’s normally on offer for our Years 5 – 8’s each day. We do van pick ups from all local schools and many receive WINZ subsidies. You’ll find all this information on our website: www.yat.org.nz

Starting Week 1: Senior Oscar, Kitchen Klub, Craft Club, Rock Solid & Surge

Starting Week 2: Basketball Clubs, Kotirotiro Girls Club, Tamatane Boys Club.

Sadly we Cancelled our Family Fun Night (31st October) weeks ago because of uncertainty over lock-down restrictions, and government concerns about having such a large gathering indoors in close proximity. Please let others know who usually attend.

Christmas & Summer Holiday Programmes

To help you with your planning, here’s the dates we’ll be running holiday programmes over the summer break. We realised that many local schools will be closed for at least a week before Christmas, and so for the first time, we’ll be running a Holiday Programme pre-Christmas for 6 days for Years 1 – 8. We will also be running two weeks of Holiday Programmes in the final two weeks of January. Bookings will be live by late November.

  • 16 – 18 December. Junior & Senior programmes, including normal OSCAR pick up/extension hours as required
  • 21 – 23 December. Junior & Senior programmes, including extension hours as required
  • 18 – 22 January. Junior & Senior programmes, including extension hours as required
  • 25 – 29 January. Junior & Senior programmes, including extension hours as required

We are also planning an Intermediates and a Teenage Breakaway programmes pre-Christmas, with these dates yet to be confirmed.