SNBS Oscar Fun Week

As South New Brighton School is now closed for the rest of this week, we will be running an OSCAR FUN DAY everyday!! There will be the normal games, and activities, as well as an outing each day to somewhere special.  You can book online now for $30 a day at:

A number of community people have contacted us offering to ‘sponsor’ children needing childcare this week, realising it’s an unexpected cost. If you need childcare but the cost is a concern, please flick us an email: or if you’re keen to sponsor someone, send an email to the same address.

Work & Income have just confirmed that if you are in their system and have a Oscar Work & Income Number (SWN), then their normal subsidies WILL apply!!!!!  You just need to give us your SWN number and the hours you’re booking for the whole week and we’ll do the processing for you.  Unfortunately, if you’re not already in the system, they aren’t able to set you up for this week.

Bookings are live for everyday this week at with limited spaces.