January Holiday Programmes


These days still have spaces:
JUNIORS (Schools Years 1 – 4) – Everyday Wednesday 29th. Less than 3 spots on 21st, 23rd, 27th and 31st.
SENIORS (School Years 5 – 9). Only space on Thurs 23rd, Mon 27th, Wed 29th, Fri 31st.


January Holiday Programmes are now LIVE!!!! We have some awesome activities planned and some amazing leaders who’ll be having a great time too!

Week 1: 20th – 24th Jan 2020

Week 2: 27th – 31st Jan 2020

CLICK HERE to view Years 1 – 4 Programmes
CLICK HERE to view Years 5 – 9 Programmes
Registrations for all our programmes are now done through our database Aimyplus. Once you register for one of our programmes, you don’t need to re-register all your details again – just log-in and choose the programmes you want – easy! Register for the first time, or if you’ve registered in the past, log-in and choose the dates you want! https://yat.aimyplus.com