Breakfast Presentation – in Brief

Thanks for all those who attended this mornings breakfast. We were so encouraged by the early morning turn out and the positive feedback already received. If you were unable to make it, here’s 5 quick points we made in this mornings presentation:

1. We do LOTS of programmes and work with LOTS of children and young people!! We love our work! But our programmes are working with people, and people have many layers you can’t see in the fancy photos and videos, and many of them are hurting, living in dysfunction and looking for help. Our Programmes are a ‘means to an end’ of bringing hope, support, belonging, wellbeing and purpose through our youthworkers, counsellors, Mana Ake Kamahi, volunteers and referrals.

2. Congratulations to the winners of the 2018 Crichton Cobbers Legacy Trophies. Click Here for details.

3. Our focus for 2019…
• Increase in Mentors and Mentees
• Increase in support for Volunteers
• Increase in youthwork hours with teens
• Increase in referrals to support agencies
• Increase in youth led community projects

4. Three funding Shortfalls for 2019…
• Mentoring & Volunteer Coordinator
• Increase in Teen Mentoring Hours
• Replace a 12 seater Van

5. Thanks to all those who told stories and gave endorsements this morning. We created a short video asking young people, parents, teachers and community leaders what they thought about Youth Alive Trust – this is what they said…

If you, or someone you know, was interested in financially supporting our work through our Friends of YAT initiative, CLICK HERE for a pdf letter with more information. We aim to raise at least an extra $30,000 next year through individual giving. Can you help us achieve that goal?  Thanks!!!