Crichton Cobbers Announcement

Last week we made a special announcement regarding a partnership with Crichton Cobbers, the 85 year old Christchurch youth agency, who are dissolving and passing their assets to Youth Alive Trust.  Check out this media report:

To keep the legacy alive, we have launched a website that collates their history, newspaper articles, photos and videos, plus information about how the legacy will continue.  Please do check it out:

Their legacy will also continue to support youth development, particularly under-privileged youth on the east of Christchurch through:

  1. Two $5,000 youthwork scholarships awarded each year for trainees working with young people on the east of Christchurch.  The 2018 winners are already on the website, where you’ll also be able to read their blogs.
  2. Seven historical Crichton Cobbers Trophies that have been re-launched and will be awarded annually to young people involved in the Youth Alive Trust community.  The 2017 winners are described on the new website.
  3. Proceeds from the winding up of the Crichton Cobbers Property Board will be invested and interest gained on an annual basis will be used to support the ongoing operational costs of Youth Alive Trust programmes.  The principal sum will not be touched, meaning an extra $15,000 – $25,000 per year to support young people on the east of Christchurch, for many more generations to come.