CCC Plan to Cut Community Funding

CCC Plan to Cut Community Funding – Have Your Say…

In 2012/13 the Christchurch City Council’s Community Grant, Strengthening Communities Fund sat at $8.099 million. In 2013/14 it was reduced to $7.890 million. The Three Year Plan passed last year showed this to be maintained for the coming financial year, but the draft Annual Plan proposes to reduce it to $5.698 million – in other words a cut of almost 30% in two years, just as our community organisations are needed more than ever. See Page 83 of the Plan.

Youth Alive Trust Comment

800 of the city’s community groups received financial support from the council last year through their community grants, which makes a HUGE difference to the lives of the people of Christchurch – playgroups, sports programmes, social service programmes, budget advice, youth and children’s programmes, local events, etc, etc. Yes, rebuilding roads is important, and maintaining public services, and facilities is important, but these costs are HUGE compared to the relative small amount of supporting 800 community groups! For example, more than $36 million will be spent on Christchurch Parks (page 64) – six times more than what’s been offered to 800 community groups. Community groups such as Youth Alive Trust rely on the support of funders, such as the Christchurch City Council to subsidise the services we offer, breaking down barriers to participate and giving the extra support to those who really need it. There is no way the Christchurch City Council can fill the void these organisations would leave if they didn’t have the funding to continue their work. We urge the Council to adjust their budgets to not reduce the community grants budgets, but to increase them, at least with inflation. We urge the many rate payers who benefit from these community groups to make a submission before 22nd April before it’s too late.