Epic Dance Party Update…

Everything is in place for this coming Friday’s EPIC Dance Party at North New Brighton War Memorial Hall, 7 – 9:30pm. Teachers are also invited free of charge to join us at anytime. Tickets have sold well but there are still some tickets left if anyone is keen from your school offices and we expect there to be a small amount of door sales too.

If schools are closed, there is a good possibility the event will be postponed. We will go on Police advice as to the safety of roads. Confirmation on the day can be found at www.yat.org.nz, the Youth Alive Trust facebook page or by calling 3885459. (If the event is postponed, keep your tickets for the next event).

Year 7 & 8’s from these 8 Schools have been invited:

– Central New Brighton Primary
– Freeville Primary
– New Brighton Catholic Primary
– North New Brighton Primary
– Parkview Primary
– Queenspark Primary
– South New Brighton Primary
– Wainoni Primary