Top 12 Moments of 2011

Top 12 moments of 2011

(we wanted to write more but wanted to keep your attension!)

• 12) Taking our young people to dig silt from random houses.
• 11) The 5th Annual Family Fun Night attracting over 500 people and giving most of the children a lollie rush!
• 10) So many dangerous activities with crazy young people, like ice skating, water sports, mountain biking – and no major injuries! (well, apart from a dislocated shoulder & two broken arms)
• 9) The launch of the Sodium Breakaway programme – a free teenage holiday programme.
• 8) Taking 85 young people and 8 leaders on a Break from the Quake to Auckland in partnership with Youthtown.
• 7) The McDonalds Ice Cream Challenge – everyones favourite (just don’t tell the parents).
• 6) The Central New Brighton football team making the Canterbury Tournament for the first time in their history under YAT coaches.
• 5) The EPIC Dance Party for 175 Year 7 & 8’s from local schools in partnership with BlueLight.
• 4) Over 1500 attendees at the Post Earthquake Children’s Programmes that operated while local schools were closed.
• 3) 5 Fun Afternoons for 5 full primary schools as they reopened after the February Earthquake.
• 2) Wynton Rufers Football Fest at Thomson Park for over 300 local young people.
• 1) The 40+ volunteers who committed time, energy & tears to clubs, programmes and events every week – Priceless!