Looking for a Creative Genius…

Looking for a creative genius…

We’re wanting a design for the front of a hoodie that YAT Staff and Volunteers can wear. Things to note:

– We’re not looking for a new logo
– It must include the words “Youth Alive Trust”
– It could incorporate images or patterns, eg: relevant to Brighton
– It will be printed on zipped and non zipped hoodies
– Designs would be prefered in digital format althou
gh we could work on it
– Send to office@yat.org.nz

A chosen winning design will receive a free hoodie with their name on the back.
(Sorry to say we can’t afford free hoodies for all 40+ of our volunteers, but we’re working on making them heavily discounted!!!)

Please don’t be offended if we don’t choose your design – it will go majority decision. Go Design 🙂