Funding Needs Update Oct 2012

We’re often asked how financially we manage to do all our work? The Answer – only just! Through a variety of grants, donations, fundraising and fees. We estimate it would cost a business more than 3 times our budget to do the amount of work we do – through volunteers, skrimping and creative activities!

We are so thankful to the many donors that make the work of Youth Alive Trust possible. We receive various yearly grants from organisations such as Christchurch City Council, Canterbury Communty Trust, Lotteries, COGS and United Way. We have a couple of contracts for service with MSD, such as our holiday programmes. We have received one off grants from trusts such as the Lion Foundation and Pub Charity Inc, towards specific costs such as IT upgrades. We do fundraising through the Entertainment Book, Sausage Sizzles and one-off events. Individuals give donations to our ongoing costs through the Friends of Youth Alive Trust scheme and we get one off donations from a different individuals. Our final income stream is through fees from young people towards clubs and camps – supplimented by funders!

We have been greatful to receive new funding sources over the last year or so, and employing new staff has meant our work has been sustainable and we have been able to support more young people. A large donation from Christchurch Earthquake Appeal & Vodafone Foundation allowed us to employ a new Programmes Manager and increase the hours of our senior youthworkers, in line with the increased needs. We have recently received unexpected gifts from Z Petrol and an anonymous donor which are going towards supplimenting camp costs and our after school programme costs. However there are other pressing financial needs which we now have:

Male Mentor in Schools
We are more than pleased with the work Matt is doing in the community. He is only 2 terms into his role, and he has excelled in his ability to make connections with pupils, teachers and community supporters, as well as adapting to what the schools ask, and preparing good admin and reporting systems for his work. I know he has appreciated the encouragements and support he has already received from many teachers, and we hope you’re starting to value him as much as we do. I know he’s looking forward to being a good support on the many school camps coming up (he responds well to coffee) and finishing the year on a high. Matt Barnes has received 1 year of funding from the Todd Foundation and resources supported by the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal, and it finishes at the end of Term 1 2013, therefore we are looking for new funding streams and avenues. We have employed him on a 2 Year contract, in faith that the money will come from somewhere! If you have any connections, or ideas, we would love to hear them. Long term, we would love the schools to value this role so much, that is becomes a part of the school budget, shared with the other schools and topped up by external funding sources.

Click Here to Read Matt’s Latest Report

Female Mentor in Schools
The next level, would be to employ a Female Mentor to do similar work as Matt Barnes in the local primary schools, but focusing on the girl. Amber Henderson has been volunteering her time in North New Brighton for the past two years, with a part role in Central New Brighton too, while completing a Youthwork Qualification through Praxis. She has been running a weekly girls group, helping girls journal, mentoring one-on-one, sports coaching, lunchtime support and helping with other schools activities and camps. Outside of schools, she coordinate Rock Solid, mentors Year 9 girls and helps with holiday programmes, library support and other big events. We would love to employ Amber once she has completed her course at the end of the year, and are desperately searching for funds to employ her. Unfortunately we got turned down from a funder this week for her role. Again if you have connections, or ideas that could help make this happen, we would love your help.

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