Youth Alive Trust (YAT) programmes would not be possible without our volunteers. As we are a small staff team, so our army of volunteers are a huge support and play a significant role in making their community a better place. They are integral to the running of our programmes and the care of the children/young people that come along.

If you want to volunteer or have any questions regarding at YAT please contact Esther, our Volunteer Coordinator on volunteer@yat.org.nz

Latest Updates

16 Aug 2021

Our volunteers positions are not paid positions and there should not be any expectation of this changing. However, some programmes or events may offer a koha, but this is not offered for all volunteering and will be communicated in advance.
There is no cost to the volunteer for nearly all training we offer. Training often comes with a meal or snacks, and this again is free for volunteers.

6 Aug 2021
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