Kōtirotiro Girls Club

Kōtirotiro is a club for primary school girls, where we do lots of games, sports, activities and outings! So be prepared for some fun times! Doors open at 3:50pm.

For: Years 1 - 6

Each: Wednedays

From: 4:00pm - 5:30pm

Latest Updates

4 Feb 2022

We’re excited to be starting a new year at Kōtirotiro Girls Club! Melissa and her team have some awesome activities planned including Cookie Art, Talent Show, Hut Making and a trip to Alice in Putterland. The full term plan can be found by clicking on the ‘download our latest brochure’ link. Just $40 for the term includes all activity costs and the minigolf. We will limit spaces if registrations become too high.

Register for the term or the whole of 2022 using your normal log-in and password and chose to Make a Booking at: https://yatclubs.aimyplus.com

Or if you’ve never registered, click New Parent, complete the information it asks for, then make the booking. It will take a bit of time the first time you register, but after that, bookings are easy as! Any questions, email: rego@yat.org.nz

18 Oct 2021

We’re back and starting Week 1 this term (we normally start Week 2 of Term, because of two weeks of holiday programmes, but Term 4 we start WEEK 1, as we all had a week’s break last week, plus Term 4 is a shorter term with a number of public holidays).

We have a heaps of cool activities planned this term, so click on ‘Download our Latest Brochure’ to check out the plan. Either register for the term via https://yatclubs.aimyplus.com OR pop along for the night to check it out first, and decide if you want to come back! Any registration issues, email: rego@yat.org.nz

26 Jul 2021

Here we go – Term 3! The coordinators have put together a plan and you can make your term bookings online now! OR you can book for the rest of the year, so you don’t have to think about it next term. See the term plan by clicking on the ‘Download our Latest Brochure’ link.  We don’t chase people for unpaid term fees, so if you prefer, just contribute $3 towards the clubs you attend each night, or pay $30 for the whole term online

NAME: Youth Alive Trust
ANZ: 01-117892-0066444-00
REF: TAM & Child’s name

Click ‘Register Online’ to go to the Aimyplus YAT CLUBS website, and log-in using your normal email and password, or click on New Parent, if you’ve not registered for any of our programmes before.

To contact the club coordinator, email: melissa.moore@yat.org.nz