Presentation to the Community & 2015 Stats

You’re invited to our end of year Presentation to the Community, on Monday 14th December, from 12noon to 1pm (finger lunch included).  A chance to celebrate a memorable year for YAT, hear some stories, see some photos, and have a look around the renovated building so far!

We understand it’s a busy time of the year and most won’t be able to make it, but you’re welcome to pop into the building and have a look around anytime or arrange a time to have a chat.  Here’s some awesome stats of our year:

2015 Statistics

In 2015 Youth Alive Trust ran 170 club nights for 3,668 young people. Our 7 youth worker staff gave 2092 hours of school support to our 4 local schools. 429 young people attended our 11 holiday programmes. 155 people attended our 5 camps. We worked over 900 hours at New Brighton Library, engaging with over 2,200 young people, including activities for 743 people in the school holidays. We helped organise 5 large community events attended by over 3,000 people. We partnered with agencies to run 6 parenting support programmes for 71 parents and our own antenatal classes for 40 young parents. Our 5 music tutors taught instruments to 75 young people. Our amazing 45 volunteers have given 8,782 hours free of charge and we’ve passed on a million smiles! Not bad for a years work…

Wishing you and your family a restful and blessed Christmas 🙂